Optimize defender - meet the blue light

Meet The Blue Light

Optimize Defender

We spend 5 hours a day every day in front of smart screens.
Working with computers, consuming culture, news, but mostly consuming the blue light.
The blue light is a dangerous artificial source of light that's coming out of different screens and harms the eyes.
Optimize Defender is a unique len, which blocks nearly 100% of the of the damaging radiation created by the blue light
and prevents a huge sight damage.
The obstuction isn't achieved by an external coating, unlike other lens.
The blue light is blocked inside the raw material, which the len is created from, so the obstruction is guaranteed.
The UV is getting blocked within wave lengths of 380 and 420 so the eye stays safe and healthy.

Go look for the original warranty certificate.

חותמת האחריות אופטימייז דיפנדר

Be Smart. Be Defender

Advanced Technology
Brand new and unique raw material which gives your eyes full and efficient protection.
Fits all glass users
Monofocal and multifocal and more.
Blocking Radiation
Defender blocks the UV ranges which harm the retina.
The len decreased tiredness, prevents headaches and sight interferences, prevents different eye
diseases long-term and is comfortable to sleep with.
Improving screen usage
Defender improves the quality of the experience and relaxes the eye.
The Defender len prevents any kind of dirt. It’s transparent and easy to wipe.